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Version 0.6.3

October 25, 2017

This update addresses errors some users were having with payments, mostly caused by inconsistencies with billing addresses.

Summary of changes:

  • Changes to checkout process
    • Added verbose error messages for failed payment processing
    • Require that minimum necessary information is provided for billing/shipping addresses
      • CAUTION: Chapters and users who have already entered incomplete billing addresses will not see this protection.
    • Prevented error caused by incorrect or missing address buttons

Version 0.6.2

October 25, 2017

This update should help chapter presidents who are creating user accounts for their members, especially when errors are caused by incomplete profiles.

Summary of changes:

  • Changes to Chapter President add member function
    • Will not create user for incomplete profile
    • Provide feedback to Chapter President explaining why user creation failed

Version 0.6.1

October 21, 2017

This mini-update addresses some minor bugs affecting multiple memberships. These bugs were minor and affected fewer than 5 chapters, but are important for seamless processing.

Summary of changes:

  • Bugfix: members were able to delete their membership orders.
  • Bugfix: some chapters had "orphaned" membership orders on their invoices.

Version 0.6

October 20, 2017

With one exception, updates in Version 0.6 will not be visible to most users. Instead, most of the updates are focused on preparing the SNPhA store for opening. Also, after concerns from Chapter Presidents about registration, we have added a feature that Chapter Presidents can use to enter in their members' information. Finally, this version makes it easier for users to enter billing and shipping addresses when paying for orders online. If there is no billing or shipping address, users will be redirected to the page to enter the required information.

Summary of changes:

  • Added searching function for admin order management dashboard, to improve response time to questions about orders
  • Allow chapter presidents to start a new open membership order if previous membership orders have been submitted already.
    • Prevent accidentally adding members to a closed order
    • Prevent members from accidentally joining twice
  • Allow chapter presidents to register for members
  • Move toward a functional SNPhA Store
    • Require billing and shipping address before submitting
    • Show order overview on payment page
    • Prevent editing order after paid
    • Allow admins to edit orders

Version 0.5

October 14, 2017

Version 0.5 activates a number of main pages, including: membership, meetings, and resources. It also significantly expands the Executive Board Media Center, allowing EBoard members to add files and resources to the website. Most resources will need to be added over the next few days to weeks, but the process is in place. This update also marks the point where most users should notice the website becoming usable very quickly. With the next series of updates, National E-Board members will be able to add information and pages to the website freely.

As soon as content-related structures are in place, updates will turn toward interactive forms and the SNPhA store.

Summary of changes:

  • Expanded admin media center
    • File library
    • Resources control
  • Membership tab functional
  • Resources tab functional
  • Meetings tab functional
  • Bugfix: versions page title not aligning with current version
  • Caution: Duck University added as test chapter for filming membership video. Any accounts registered to this will be Deleted before the next update.