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March is MMR Month

Selena Warminski, Operation Immunization Chair

It is important for pharmacist to spread this information to the patients. Just as we talk to patients about their immunizations at the time we are giving a shot, we can also engage and educate our fellow students and community members about MMR Vaccine and the Measles Outbreak. For March we want to promote the MMR Vaccine & spread information about the Measles Outbreak by providing vital information on social media to make the public aware. 


Instructions: It only takes 3 simple steps!

1. Pick 3 educational points/facts about the MMR vaccine and the Measles Outbreak. 

2. Make a flyer about the information! Recruit SNPhA members to post and assist with the flyer making!

Don’t forget to include your 3 educational points you selected above! 

3. Have your school & members post your flyer throughout the Month of March 

4. All flyer submissions in by April 14th, 2019 at 11:59 EST that meet all 

competition requirements will receive 150 CIC points to the respective chapter for a MAX of 3 flyer submissions, resulting in a maximum of 450 points per chapter.

March 17, 2019