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RxPrep Registration Confirmation

Myla Marshall, Legislative, Membership Benefits, and Immigration Chair

Thank you all for your interest in the RxPrep discount!

Here's a couple things we need from you:


1. Have you sent your email of interst in the discount to

Please allow 3 days to receive a confirmation email that your registration has been completed.


2. Once you receive your confirmation, please check the spread to assure your input was done correctly. 

Click HERE  to confirm your information was input correctly.


3. Have you received a confirmation email about your registration, but haven't receieved the code?

To decrease the work load on RxPrep the list on registrants will be submitted at once after the deadline to register closes on February 25th. All registrants will recieve the code simultaneously from our RxPrep represenative on February the 26th at the earliest!


February 17, 2019