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Regions 3, 4, and 5 Instagram-A-Thon Competition

Dee Gladney, Public Relations Liaison


Link to Regions 3, 4, and 5 Instagram-A-Thon Competition Guidelines



6th Annual Regions III, IV, & V

 Instagram-A-Thon Competition

February 1st - February 10th, 2019



In 2014, the leadership team of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy SNPhA chapter had the desire to create a friendly competition amongst the organization to prepare for regional meetings.


The purpose of the Instagram-a-thon is to learn more about other SNPhA chapters, increase the unity amongst chapters within their region, and set/achieve their goals through social media.  This competition will allow SNPhA chapters throughout Regions III, IV, & V to become better acquainted with other members on both a personal and professional level as well as to build excitement for the regional conference.


This year, we are pushing the envelope to truly showcase how your chapter embodies the 2018-2019 Presidential Theme of #StrengthInPurpose.


Application Procedure


1.     Each chapter president should submit the application form HERE ( between NOW and February 7th at 11:59pm local time in order for the chapter to be considered.  This will ensure that the national office is aware of the hashtag specific to your chapter and will review your posts at the conclusion of the contest.


2.     Competition starts February 1st at 12:00 AM local timeand concludes on February 7th 11:59 PM local time (with the exception of Theme 4, which will be recognized from February 8th 12 AM to February 10th at 2 PM EST.)


3.     Follow SNPhA’s national and respective regional social media accounts

    1. Facebook:  Student National Pharmaceutical Association | SNPhA Region III | SNPhA Region IV | SNPhA Region V
    2. Twitter & Instagram:  @snpha | @snpharegion3 | @snpharegion4 | @snpharegion5


4.     Students will post pictures showcasing their SNPhA chapter and the impact they are making in the 2019 Presidential Theme of “Strength In Purpose” in their communities.The pictures should coincide with the list of topics.

The topics will fall into four (4) themes:


Theme 1: Spotlight on National Sponsors and Initiatives

Partnering with NPhA, our sponsors, and non-profit organizations allow SNPhA invaluable resources and opportunities. Tag their account below so your work is also recognized by them!

Understand this content may be viewed by our partners and sponsors, therefore posts should be professional and convey the importance of their engagement with SNPhA.


National Partnerships

National Initiatives

a.      American Heart Association (@american_heart)

a.      American Heart Month

b.      Wear RED Day

b.      American Society of Transplantation

c.      Kroger (@krogerco)

a.      SNPhA/Kroger Clinical Skills Competition

d.      Legislation (@snpha)

e.      National Kidney Foundation (@nationalkidneyfoundation)

f.       National Pharmaceutical Association (@nphapharmacy)

a.      Mentor program

b.      Preceptor events

g.      Rite Aid (@riteaid)

h.      Shot@Life (@shotatlife)

a.      Shot@Life Summit

i.       Walmart/Sam’s Club (@walmartcareers)

a.      Diabetes Health Fair

b.      Prescription for Service

j.       Walgreens (@walgreens)

a.      World AIDS Day

A.     Bridging the Gap

B.     Chronic Kidney Disease

C.      Diabetes Chair

D.     Legislative/Membership Benefits/Immigration

E.      Mental Health

F.      Operation Immunization

G.      Power to End Stroke

H.     HIV/AIDS: "Remember the Ribbon"

I.       SNPhA New Chapter Orientation

J.       SNPhA Academy

K.     SNPhA Day



Theme 2: Local Community Engagement

Continuing and establishing relationships within the community highlight the dedication chapters have in connecting with others. Showcase your effort put into serving others. As an option, you may include the organization-specific @handle with the understanding that it may be viewed by the organization, and posts should be professional.


  1.  Local Community Engagement
    1. Soup kitchens
    2. Health fairs at community centers
    3. Awareness walks
    4. Chapter-specific initiatives (include in the description of post)
    5. State pharmacy associations
    6. ...and others!

Theme 3: Testimony - SNPhA Connects

Your voice matters! SNPhA members passionately advocate for the profession and serve those in need. Take a moment to share your reflection and thoughts on these matters and how it relates to our presidential theme #StrengthInPurpose 


  1. Testimony:
    1. Why you and/or your chapter believes the 2018 - 2019 Presidential Theme of “Strength In Purpose”  has allowed you to better serve the underserved
    2. How advocating for minority, marginalized, or disadvantaged demographics has made a positive impact for you, your Chapter, or community
    3. What is the importance of healthcare access and how pharmacists are positioned to improve patient care

Theme 4: Regional Conference (maximum 15 points)

Attending the Regions III, IV, & V Conference hosted by Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy! Use the hashtags to share your favorite memories with everyone. Posts for this theme will be recognized from February 8th at 12AM to February 10th, 2 PM EST and the maximum points received in this category is 15 points (but don’t let that stop you from sharing more moments with us!)


  1. Regional Conference
    1. Group photos at the conference (maybe even with the conference hosts!)
    2. Getting ready for conference (travels, Chapter shirts, etc…)
    3. Opening Session
    4. Bridging the Gap
    5. Kroger/SNPhA Clinical Skills Competition (before or after the competition)

***BONUS ***

These photos/videos will have the unique BONUS hash tag associated with them (ex: #BonusONUCoPSNPhAConference). From the Chapter’s page the school must post pictures/videos with the following criteria to receive the bonus:

  1. Chapter’s advisor representing SNPhA
  2. Chapter picture WITH either a community leader and/or SNPhA sponsor (Walmart, Kroger, RiteAid, Walgreens, CVS, etc…)
  3. Collaboration/Communication with a member of another Chapter
  4. Points will be awarded for top post in the region, based on number of likes and for National Partnerships who re-post a participating Chapter’s post (see “Point Distribution” below)


Post Requirements

1.       Students MUST use the following hashtags in their posts:  #(insert region hashtag) #SNPhA #StrengthInPurpose #2019RegionalConference #(insert chapter hashtag).  The chapter hashtag MUST be the one that your chapter president has submitted on the application.


Region Hashtags:

·       Region III - #Region3CantBeBeat

·       Region IV - #Region4YouCantIgnore

·       Region V - #Region5SavingsLives



 #SNPhA #StrengthInPurpose #Region3CantBeBeat #Region4YouCantIgnore #Region5SavingsLives


2.    Students MUST provide a description with the post. Understand that when posting, it may be viewed by our partners and sponsors, so posts should be professional and convey the importance their engagement with SNPhA. For example:




The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute programs geared towards the improvement of the health, educational, and social environment of minority communities.



 #SNPhA #StrengthInPurpose #Region3CantBeBeat #Region4YouCantIgnore #Region5SavingsLives


 #SNPhA #StrengthInPurpose #Region3CantBeBeat #Region4YouCantIgnore #Region5SavingsLives



(hashtags only, no description)



-        Only one post for each event on Instagram (one video and one picture) will count for points unless you are also using that event for BONUS points

-        No duplicate pictures or post are allowed

-        You can post as many times a day as you wish

-        Members may post from their personal accounts, as long as it is made public, and include a description with the hashtags


Point Distribution

Points will be awarded as follows:

Type of Post

Points Awarded

Post of a PICTURE utilizing one of the Instagram-a-thon themes 

1 point

Post of a VIDEO utilizing one of the Instagram-a-thon themes 

2 points

TOP POST from each region (based on likes)

2 points

Post of a PICTURE utilizing one of the Instagram-a-thon BONUS themes 

3 points

SCREENSHOT of an organization re-posting a Instagram-a-thon theme

Send to

Subject Line: “Instagram-a-thon BONUS, (Chapter name)”

3 points

Post of a VIDEO utilizing one of the Instagram-a-thon BONUS themes

4 points



The chapter with the most number of accumulated points across the two regions will be awarded an engraved plaque and recognized at the regional meeting. 



Past Recipients





University of Houston

University of Houston

The Ohio State University


Contact: Roderick Gladney, SNPhA National Public Relations Liaison (


February 3, 2019