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MidYear Excellence Series: Accept/Deny/Ranking Tips

Taylor McClelland, Corresponding Secretary

Greetings SNPhAM! #OurJourneyContinues with our LAST SPEAKER in our second annual MidYear Excellence Series! This 6 part series is intended to guide you on making the most out of your MidYear experience! We have had 5 well-informed speakers who have successfully obtained a fellowship or residency. They have presented invaluable material and answered numerous probing questions. 

The series continues on December 2nd at 9pm ET | 8pm CT | 7pm MT | 6pm PT 

Our last speaker is Dr. Imani Pelt, Pharm.D., Oncology Publications Manager at Bristol Myers Squibb! Dr. Pelt has completed the Florida A&M University Pharmaceutical Industry Residency Program and now serves on their leadership team! She will be giving key advice on how to approach ranking programs, accepting and denying offers! 

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November 29, 2020