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Protect your heart; Get your flu shot campaign

Selena Warminski, Operation Immunization Chair
  1. Pick 3 educational points/facts about the flu vaccine and/or heart disease that your SNPhA Chapter feels are important to share with the patients in your community.
  2. Make a flyer about the information! Recruit fellow students and SNPhA members to post and assist with the flyer making! Don’t forget to include your 3 educational points you selected above.
  3. Have your school & members post your flyer on February 14.
  4. All flyer submissions in by February 28th, 2019 at 11:59 EST.Chapters that meet all competition requirements will receive150 CIC points per flyer for a MAX of 3 flyer submissions, resulting in a maximum of 450 points per chapter.

For CIC Submission it MUST be sent to Selena Warminski (Operation Immunization Chair)


Contact: Charnesa Tutwiler (charnesatutwiler@snpha) & Selena Warminski (

January 22, 2019