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CIC Manual Updates!

Emy Cooper, Recording Secretary

The CIC Manual has been updated! For specific information, please reference the CIC Manual under Resources. See below for the main areas that were updated:

  • Resubmission Limit: Chapters are only allowed to resubmit returned CIC reports ONE (1) time. Failure to resolve returned report will result in zero (0) points awarded.
  • Newsletter Submission Date: Newsletters must be submitted under the same time frame as monthly reflections.
  • Picture Requirements: Updated with specific examples under General Requirments for CIC reports.
  • Submission Dates: The MOST RECENT submission/resubmission date is the date the national office goes by, not the first date.
    • For example, if a chapter submits a report on Oct 1st, and then later goes go back to edit it and submit again on Oct 9th. The submission date that the national office would view the report would be on Oct 9th (the most recent date). If the most recent date falls outside the 14+1 rule, that report will automatically be denied

November 8, 2020