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Regional Conference Planning Committee Application

Aliyah Cruz, President-Elect

Hello all!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is uncertainty surrounding the nation and world on what the future will look like. In our ‘new normal’, there are various restrictions in place for restaurants, universities and schools, and venues. While multiple treatments once you are sick with COVID are in place, there are little preventative therapies as there is no protective vaccination and current safety measures (wearing a mask, social distancing) are not heavily enforced or practiced. This is with the further complication of the influenza season that will bring unknown variables for the months of December through February, considered high periods by the CDC, with activity lasting as late as May.


The Student National Pharmaceutical Association has made the decision along with our Regional Conference Hosts for the 2021 year, to make the regional conferences virtual. We have decided that to make this a one weekend event to bring all of our regions together for our usual workshops as well as for the House of Delegates and Clinical Skills Competition. We have begun planning two committees to help facilitate conference planning: the Workshop Committee and the Marketing Committee, which will be primarily led by students from across the nation. 


The Workshop Committee will work to find speakers for various sessions over the weekend, including coordinating our sponsors and thinking of creative and dynamic speakers to discuss items such as professional development, personal growth, and more. The Marketing Committee will work on advertising the event through all social media platforms and designing any gear or items they think would be worth pursuing.  


 We are looking for representatives from each region to serve on each of the committees respectively. If you are interested, please apply hereApplications are due by November 2nd.


Commitments for Committee Members:

·       Must be an active SNPhA member for the 2020 – 2021 year

·       Must have completed the attached application

·       Must be an active participant in all calls and group message platforms (i.e. group me)

·       Must attend (1) monthly Regional Conference planning call plus any additional calls for your committee (expect at least 1 a month)

·       Must respond to emails/tasks in timely manner (48 hours unless otherwise specified due date)

·       Will be required to attend the virtual regional conference


Proposed Timeline for member notice:

·       October – Decisions made by late October

·       November – early November we will have our first meeting 

o   Marketing committee will need to come out with a logo and social media account

§  Will need to start advertising the conference

o   Workshop planning committee will need to identify what type of workshops they will like to do and brainstorming names to participate

·       December – Registration launches

o   Continue promoting the conference

o   Start confirming speakers

·       January 

o   Tentatively finalize the schedule

o   Have creative posts highlighting the workshops and speakers

·       February – Wrap up anything that is still not done

·       March – Conference!




If you have any questions, please email Aliyah Cruz at




Aliyah Cruz

SNPhA National President – Elect

October 11, 2020