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SNPhA/Kroger 2020 National Clinical Skills Competition

Kathy E. Monangai, Executive Consultant

2020 SNPhA/Kroger National Clinical Skills Competition

Competition Introduction

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association’s Clinical Skills Competition is an educational opportunity for SNPhA students across the nation to demonstrate their pharmaceutical knowledge, patient assessment, and clinical presentation skills, as well as effective patient counseling. This year is no different with the available learning opportunities, but the competition has gone VIRTUAL.

The competition will be held TWO WEEKS prior to the 2020 National Convention during the weekend of October 24th and 25th, 2020. The preliminary rounds will be held on Saturday and the final rounds will be held on Sunday. There are two separate​ preliminary and final rounds for the ​two competition divisions​. Only one member ​from each team needs to ​register their team​ HERE to participate.

The competition will be performed in pairs. Each team will be given a patient case and medication profile to identify pharmacy-related issues, present an appropriate pharmaceutical care plan, and conduct a counseling session. Recent graduates (Class of 2020) or licensed pharmacists are not eligible to compete. Teams will be placed into Division I or Division II based on the highest team member’s academic standing as outlined below. With the competition’s virtual nature this year, P4 students (Class of 2021) are encouraged to participate if they are able to. For full details of the virtual competition, please read the following 2020 National Clinical Skills Competition Guidelines

Registration Deadline: Monday, October 19th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST

Division I Teams

• P1 (Class of 2024) + P1 (Class of 2024) 

• P1 (Class of 2024) + P2 (Class of 2023)

• P1 (Class of 2024) + P3 (Class of 2022) 

• P2 (Class of 2023) + P2 (Class of 2023) 

• P2 (Class of 2023) + P3 (Class of 2022) 


Division II Teams

• P2 (Class of 2023) + P4 (Class of 2021) 

• P3 (Class of 2022) + P3 (Class of 2022) 

• P3 (Class of 2022) + P4 (Class of 2021) 

• P1 (Class of 2024) + P4 (Class of 2021)

• P4 (Class of 2021) + P4 (Class of 2021)


We are currently accepting an unlimited number of schools per division to compete. In order to compete in the National Clinical Skills Competition, you MUST be an SNPhA member and registered for the convention. Sign-up for the National Convention by going to the meetings tab on the website.


SNPhA/Kroger Virtual National Clinical Skills Competition Brochure


Dr. Kathy Monangai, National Executive Consultant (

October 4, 2020