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LMBI Subcommittee Application CLOSES TODAY!

Ja'Miera Stuart, Legislative, Membership Benefits, and Immigration Chair

Greetings SNPhAM!

Do you have what it takes to be on National Legislative, Membership Benefits, and Immigration (LMBI) Subcommittee? We know you do and would love to have you apply!


It is my pleasure to announce that the application for the National Legislative, Membership Benefits and Immigration Subcommittee is now available. The application is due on Monday, September 21st at 10 pm EST.  The available positions are attached below and there is 1 spot available for each position. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the National Legislative, Membership Benefits, and Immigration Chair, Ja'Miera Stuart, at


The link to the application is .


National LMBI Subcommittee Available Positions


Advocacy Chair 

Function: To assist the National LMBI Chair with the management of chapter involvement in pharmacy-related political action campaigns, to help promote collaborations with local and state advocacy associations, and to distribute legislative updates. The Advocacy Chair will also work alongside the National LMBI Chair in order to create innovative events pertaining to political, social, and healthcare advocacy events.


House of Delegates Chair

Function: To assist the National LMBI Chair with the House of Delegates, including promoting chapter involvement and training.


Corporate Relations Chair

Function: To network and build relations with past and potential corporate sponsors in order to increase membership benefits and to also inform student members of current benefits.


LMBI Secretary

Function: To take minutes during meetings (subcommittee & webinars), proofread the National LMBI Chair’s presentations, and to provide minutes within 48 hours of webinars. The LMBI Secretary will also get the opportunity to present a webinar alongside the National LMBI Chair.


LMBI Feedback & Development (FD) Chair

Function: To collect data from national legislative events, to collect feedback from chapter members related to overall satisfaction, and to provide recommendations from member feedback for continuous quality improvement. The LMBI Feedback & Development Chair will also be responsible for coming up with an efficient way to track feedback and improvements.


LMBI Public Relations (PR) Chair

Function: The LMBI PR Chair will work with the National LMBI Chair to create flyers, videos, and other forms of promotion for national initiative events and may serve as a liaison between the National LMBI Chair and the National PR Chair.




August 28, 2020