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Poster Competition Sample Clinical Practice Abstract 2020

Shivani Gupta, Power to End Stroke Chair

CLINICAL PRACTICE/PROJECT Abstracts must be organized using the following format:

  • Title (upper-case letters) maximum 60 characters
  • Author(s) (upper and lower-case letters) who have significantly contributed to the work
    • Presenting author must be listed first
    • For each author, include first and second initials and last name
    • Include titles after each person's name, separated with commas
  • Affiliation(s)
    • List institution(s) where work was performed.  Present affiliation information and select which author(s) is/are affiliated with each institution.
    • Affiliations are on the page after authors are listed.
  • Purpose
    • Explain the importance of the research or activity to include objectives, goals, and purpose.
  • Project Description
    • Describe the problem/issue to be considered, the key factors underlying the issue
    • Give information on the Best Practice Guidelines used to address the problem/issue and protocols used to incorporate these guidelines into practice (for clinical practice submission)
    • Implications and recommendations for clinical practice moving forward (for clinical practice submission)
    • Give outcomes associated with your project/event
  • Mention of Grant Support (where applicable)
    • Authors are encouraged to acknowledge grant support for work





HN Knox, PharmD Candidate; PO Weekly, PharmD Candidate; TP Yew, PharmD

Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (HNK, TPY); Buies Creek High School (POW)



To establish a mentor program between current pharmacy students and those interested in the career of pharmacy.



The program was created to inspire and encourage young men and women to achieve their goals and pursue a career in pharmacy. Pharmacy students and high school students signed up to participate in the program. The number of participants was limited to 15 for this pilot program. Activities were planned throughout the year in order to allow the mentors and mentees to interact in various capacities. Activities included: shadow days in pharmacy classes, career awareness day and tutoring. Once a quarter, student topic discussions were led by the pharmacy students to increase students’ skills in communicating and collaborating. Fifteen high school young men and women signed up to participate, along with 20 pharmacy students (5 students had 2 mentors). The pilot is set to end May 2013. Both mentor and mentee satisfaction with the program and suggestions will be obtained.



To be presented at the National Meeting in New Orleans, LA.



North Carolina Diversity grant recipient



Note: For presentation projects that do not report data, please give a full description of the activity and its implications and results.

July 19, 2020