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The SNPhA Social Injustice Video Statement

Kathy E. Monangai, Vice President

Founded in 1972 on the campus of Florida A&M University, The Student National Pharmaceutical Association has been a beacon of positive change for those in underserved populations. Our mission is built on uplifting all minority communities and at this moment the black community needs our full support across the nation. We know it's a tough time and we encourage you all to prioritize your mental health first. Take your current emotions and transform them into action. If you choose to protest, be safe, and march with purpose. If you are an ally, stand strong in your privilege and utilize it as a weapon against social injustice. By all means, vote in your state primary elections and get as many members of your community registered to vote. We are SNPhA STRONG and we will continue to be change agents for minority communities. #SNPhAStrong #SNPhA2020Vision #LongLiveTheLEGACY

Watch the SNPhA Social Injustice Video with this link:

Video statement created by National Public Relations Liaison, Dr. Jacarmen James 

June 11, 2020