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SNPhA Announces Partnership With VoixRx

Kathy E. Monangai, Vice President

WEST MONROE, LA – The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with VoixRx to expand its mission to promote better health practices and improve the health of people in minority communities. 

Through this partnership, members of all SNPhA chapters across the country can use VoixRx, a digital health mobile application, during all activities to properly counsel patients on their medications. VoixRx is also the #1 digital health mobile application designed to solve the language barriers that patients face when they visit their healthcare providers. 

“It is clear that there are multiple factors that contribute to medication noncompliance and some of them are the lack of innovative tools to efficiently manage medications, language barrier issues, and reading literacy. We believe that together with SNPhA, we can build a healthier and stronger country,” said Koffi Amegadje, the Founder of VoixRx. 


About VoixRx: 

The mission of VoixRx is to Improve health literacy, simplify communication between healthcare providers and patients, help increase compliance, and bridge the gap for patients with English as their second language. 


About SNPhA: 

SNPhA is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about the profession of pharmacy, healthcare issues, and the poor minority representation in these areas. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute programs geared toward the improvement of the health, educational, and social environment of minority communities. 

January 19, 2020