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RxPrep Rolling Registration!

Myla Marshall, Legislative, Membership Benefits, and Immigration Chair

LMBI (Legislative, Membership Benefits, and Immigration Chair) is super excited to announce that the Student National Pharmaceutical Association RxPrep discount code has been activated! Don't worry if you missed the deadline! You can still register throughout the remainder of the year. New registrants will be processed every Monday for the remainder of the year. 



  1. RxPrep’s Online NAPLEX Course includes the Video Lectures (by topic), the corresponding Test Banks and the (new!) 2020 RxPrep Course Book. The material is matched to the current NAPLEX competency statements.
  2. RxPrep’s MPJE® Online Course access code will be released during March 2019. To view the sample course, click here!
  3. The RxPrep discount code for SNPhA was activated on October 22nd, 2019. This means the subscription for all that purchase this course will end 12 months from the effective date on October 22nd, 2020.

Example: Member signs up for rolling registration on December 10th, 2019


Start date: December 10th, 2019

End date: October 22nd, 2020


So the sooner you register the better!


This year, the course includes integrated case practice, two new (and required) chapters in handling hazardous drugs and responding to questions in different patient cases. Plus, a NAPLEX-style practice test that can be taken prior to the actual exam.



  • RxPrep Course $448 for 12 months (start date in the fall; the usual cost is $988).
  • MPJE Course $85 per student (regularly priced at $185); this pricing applies only to student groups enrolled in RxPrep’s NAPLEX course.


To register for this code please visit the following link to register.


For more information or questions regarding this sale please email the national membership benefits chair, Myla Marshall, by email.


Contact Information:

October 28, 2019