SNPhA is dedicated to the pharmacy profession and serving the underserved.
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Welcome to All Incoming Members, Chapter Officers, National Officers

SNPhA Executive Board

Whether you are a first-year pharmacy student, a veteran in our organization, or just visiting, we would like to welcome you to the Student National Pharmaceutical Association! It is our hope that you find a home in our "SNPhAm" family.

SNPhA is a place where our GOALS become ACTIONS, where we BUILD BRIDGES and CONNECT with partners in our mission: pharmacists, fellow pharmacy students, the healthcare community, and our local communities at home.

This year, National President Colin Lombardi's theme is Strength in Purpose, inviting us to examine our why and use that why to support ourselves, our chapters, our patients, and our communities.

Why SNPhA?

SNPhA is an organization dedicated to service; service to students, the profession of pharmacy, the community, and underserved or underrepresented members of all of these groups.

SNPhA's Strength

SNPhA's strength comes from our committed membership - the first line servers to our patients and communities, who work tirelessley to accomplish the organization's work. In addition, SNPhA is lead and guided by the extraordinary efforts of our National Executive Board. Meet the new Executive Board at About SNPhA.

August 16, 2018