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Poster Competition Sample Clinical Practice Abstract

Bryan J. Donald, Executive Consultant

CLINICAL PRACTICE/PROJECT Abstracts must be organized using the following format:

  • Title (upper-case letters) maximum 60 characters
  • Author(s) (upper and lower-case letters) who have significantly contributed to the work
    • Presenting author must be listed first
    • For each author, include first and second initials and last name
    • Include titles after each person's name, separated with commas
  • Affiliation(s)
    • List institution(s) where work was performed.  Present affiliation information and select which author(s) is/are affiliated with each institution.
    • Affiliations are on the page after authors are listed.
  • Purpose
    • Explain the importance of the research or activity to include objectives, goals, and purpose.
  • Project Description
    • Describe the problem/issue to be considered, the key factors underlying the issue
    • Give information on the Best Practice Guidelines used to address the problem/issue and protocols used to incorporate these guidelines into practice (for clinical practice submission)
    • Implications and recommendations for clinical practice moving forward (for clinical practice submission)
    • Give outcomes associated with your project/event
  • Mention of Grant Support (where applicable)
    • Authors are encouraged to acknowledge grant support for work


April 20, 2018