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Power to End Stroke Subcommittee Application Has Closed!

Shivani Gupta, Power to End Stroke Chair

Thank you so much for applying to be part of the 2019-2020 PTES subcommittee.

Below are the available positions. Thank you for your interest!

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE ON SEPTEMBER 18th. Applications Have Closed!

PTES Secretary (1 position)

This position will be responsible for taking minutes during all PTES meetings and webinars, proofread PTES webinar presentations, and provide all minutes within 4 hours of the meeting/webinar.

PTES Social Media Chair (1 position)

This position will be responsible for managing the PTES Instagram page and helping start a PTES facebook page. 

PTES Public Relations Chair (1 position)

This position will be responsible for helping out with the creation of flyers and other promotional material for PTES challenges


While these positions will have specific roles in the subcommittee, please be prepared to assist with ad-hoc tasks that the national committee may assign. Please email me with any questions at I'm looking forward to working with you all!



September 1, 2019