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National Clinical Skills Competition - Registration Deadline

Bryan Figler, Vice President

2019 SNPhA/Kroger National Clinical Skills Competition


Competition Introduction

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association’s Clinical Skills Competition is an educational opportunity for SNPhA students across the nation to demonstrate their pharmaceutical knowledge, patient assessment and clinical presentation skills, as well as effective patient counseling.

The competition will be performed in pairs. Each team will be given a patient case and medication profile to identify pharmacy-related issues, present an appropriate pharmaceutical care plan, and conduct a counseling session.

Recent graduates (Class of 2019) or licensed pharmacists are not eligible to compete in the National Clinical Skills Competition. Teams will be placed into Division I or Division II based on the highest team member’s academic standing, as outlined below. (Note: Students from three-year or six-year pharmacy programs will be placed at the discretion of the National Vice President.)

For full details of the competition, please read the 2019 National Clinical Skills Competition Guide

Division I

  • P1 (Class of 2022) + P1 (Class of 2022)
  • P1 (Class of 2022) + P2 (Class of 2021)

Division II

  • P2 (Class of 2021) + P2 (Class of 2021)
  • P2 (Class of 2021) + P3 (Class of 2020)
  • P3 (Class of 2020) + P3 (Class of 2020)
  • P1 (Class of 2022) + P3 (Class of 2020)


The first team from each school per division will be slated to compete. Additional teams from the same school in each division will automatically be waitlisted until space becomes available.


  • Team A from SNPhA University registers on Tuesday, 5/1 for Division I. Team B from SNPhA University registers on Wednesday, 5/2 for Division I. Team A will be slated, and Team B will be waitlisted.
  • Team X from SNPhA University registers in the morning on Thursday, 5/3 for Division I. Team Y from SNPhA University registers on the same date but in the evening. Team X will be slated, and Team Y will be waitlisted.
  • Both Team A and Team X will be slated to compete because they were the first teams from SNPhA University to register for their respective divisions.


To compete in the National Clinical Skills Competition, sign-up during registration for the National Convention by going to the meetings tab on the website. If you have already resigered for convention, you can sign up here.


Bryan Figler, National Vice President (

June 30, 2019