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Operation Immunization

This initiative is an immunization awareness campaign designed to increase the public's knowledge of immunizations while increasing the number of adults and children receiving immunizations. SNPhA chapters are encouraged to actively partner with pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals certified to administer immunizations and provide the public with education. By participating in this initiative, student pharmacists are helping the pharmacy profession in the fight against the growing incidence, morbidity, and mortality associated with vaccine-preventable diseases. Student pharmacists are also furthering the image of pharmacists as active members in the healthcare community. Collaborations with other healthcare professionals also serve to develop better interprofessional relationships. 

All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico currently allow pharmacists to immunize patients. Therefore, SNPhA also encourages chapters to approach pharmacists to provide immunization services (administer vaccinations and provide educational material to their patients) as part of this immunization advocacy initiative. By having pharmacists administer immunizations or having the immunizations administered in a pharmacy, there is hope to increase the public's awareness of the important role both pharmacists and student pharmacists have on public health issues.

Chapters are encouraged to reach out to the National Operation Immunization Chair, Mitchell Blewett, if they need any advice, assistance, or would like a chapter visit. 


Mitchell Blewett,