FEBRUARY 04, 2016 | Posted Under: Uncategorized

Regional Meeting Clinical Skills Sign-Up

Clinical Skills Competitions are now available for sign-up. Form teams of two and use the links below to sign up for your competition. Region 3-4-5 CSC Info Region 3-4-5 CSC Registration Region 1-2 CSC Info Region 1-2 CSC Registration...

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NOVEMBER 29, 2015 | Posted Under: Uncategorized

SNPhA Presents: Midyear Review

As a many of us are seeking to attend ASHP Midyear in less than 10 days to discover what our paths will be post-pharmacy school graduation, SNPhA would like to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions you might be dying to ask, but are not sure if its appropriate to ask a residency or fellowship program director. The SNPhA National Office would like to welcome you, SNPhA members, and other pharmacy school colleagues to attend: "SNPhA Presents: Midyear...

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