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Valicia Miller
Region IV Facilitator

Valicia Miller is a 4th year pharmacy student from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her road to pharmacy school is a journey that has come full circle. An ambitious high school graduate, she forsook her pharmacist father’s advice to pursue a pharmacy degree at his alma mater, Xavier University of Louisiana, and instead opted to study Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Rice University located in Houston, Texas. After a few years working in her field and growing dissatisfied in her career, she did some soul-searching, decided to finally take her father’s advice, and made the bold choice to move back home to earn a doctorate in pharmacy from none other than Xavier University of Louisiana.

Since starting pharmacy school she has taken on a number of leadership roles within various organizations. She was selected to serve as a mentor through the Vanguard Interactive Mentors program where she helped first-year students acclimate to the culture of the college of pharmacy. As a tutor through the Academic Enrichment Program office, she aided students to achieve academic success in calculations, biopharmaceutics, and biochemistry courses in weekly tutoring sessions. Keeping her schedule intentionally full, she also compounded sterile IV admixtures as a student intern at a local hospital and conducted research in the area of drug formulations through the Center of Excellence Scholars program. Her work on a stability study with the drug Ursodiol and the Professional Compounding Centers of America base, SuspendIt, was recently published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding.

While Valicia has kept herself busy throughout pharmacy school, her most fulfilling work has been in service to both the Pharmacy Student Association (PSA) and the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA). She served as PSA senator for two consecutive years where she worked with the Student Government Association to help draft a new school alcohol policy and a bill to restructure the distribution of the student activities fee. This is where her interest in pharmacy policy was sparked and what led her to serve as chapter delegate and LMBI CIC last year. After joining SNPhA in her first year of pharmacy school, truly connecting with its mission and target demographic, and attending her first business session at the National Conference, she set the goal to at least run for and at most give her all in service as a national officer. Since then she served as chapter Treasurer and that same year helped Xavier University co-host the Regions III, IV, and V Regional Meeting with the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is a firm believer that in order to best serve anyone, it is important to first know your own strengths and build upon them. To that end, she has participated in the Rite Aid Leadership Academy, SNPhA Academy, and the Pharmacy Student Mentoring Program.

Now in her final year of pharmacy school, Valicia is interested in pursuing both fellowships in the area of Regulatory Affairs and residencies in the areas of Health System Pharmacy Administration as well as Managed Care. With such diverse interests she cannot decide which area interests her most, but taking the word of her trusted mentors, she believes that she will have a much better idea after completing APPE rotations in those areas. Outside of pharmacy school, Valicia loves exploring her passions in the beautiful city of New Orleans; her food, her art, her music, and her culture. She cannot wait to share a little piece of it with you when you attend next year’s National Convention.

As a dream realized, Valicia looks forward to serving as Region IV Facilitator and is excited for the impact that SNPhA will have on our underserved communities this year. As she reflects on her journey to this point and the mission set before us, her thoughts are these: Our gifts and talents are not our own. They are purposefully varied and have been given to fulfill the equally diverse needs of literally everyone else in this world. So, as you seek to do the work of making this world a better place, consider not only how far you’ve come, but also what legacy you are leaving behind as you move forward. Be good. Be kind. Be excellent.

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