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Swathi Varanasi

Corresponding Secretary

Swathi Varanasi is currently a third year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) student at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy at the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, SC.  Swathi was raised in Connecticut and New Jersey before relocating to Minnesota to attend Carleton College in idyllic Northfield.  She studied Spanish and Neuroscience, and spent two semesters studying abroad in Spain and Ecuador.  She was also a Summer Intern for the non-profit organization, MEDLIFE, where she helped organize mobile clinics in the outskirts of Lima and Cuzco, Peru.  Upon graduation, she worked for her university as the Program Associate for the Global Engagement Initiative, which involved graphic/web design, event planning, and booking thought-provoking guest speakers on international issues.  During this year before pharmacy school, she spent her time away from work volunteering and interpreting at the local free clinic for Spanish-speaking patients, as well as compounding in an independent pharmacy.  Once beginning pharmacy school, Swathi found her place in SNPhA.  Swathi spends her extracurricular time doing research on substance dependence, tutoring students as a Supplemental Instructor, and working with a start-up on an educational headset to help alleviate psychiatric illnesses.

SNPhA has had a lasting impact on both her professional and personal growth.  In the past year as President-Elect for her local chapter, she had an incredible experience working with the Executive Board to help increase membership and overall event involvement.  She organized the first series of mental health-related pharmacy service events at her school, which proved to be a highly gratifying experience.  She also participated in events such as World AIDS Day with the Lowcountry AIDS Services, as well as forged a relationship with the Charleston Transplant Home, an organization dedicated to provide housing to patients and their families undergoing the transplant process.  In addition, she has participated in the Clinical Skills Competition and has served as Alternate Chapter Delegate and Chapter Delegate at regional and national conferences respectively.

In her free time, Swathi can be found scouring airfare websites to get the best deal to plan her next trip abroad.  As of Summer 2017, Swathi has been to almost thirty countries and she tries to squeeze in as much as travel as she can on school breaks.  When in the States, she can be found testing new vegan recipes, catching up on TV, trying Asian restaurants, going to barre class, and visiting too many thrift stores.

Swathi is filled with excitement and honor to be elected as your SNPhA National Corresponding Secretary.  The previous board demonstrated that when working as a team to realize their goals, anything is possible, such as the new(!) Mental Health Initiative.  She looks forward to working with the other dynamic members on the National Board in an effort to promote SNPhA as the premiere student pharmacy organization.  She hopes that in due time every health professional will know who we are and what we stand for as an organization because there are no barriers to our potential.  Swathi aims to work with our SNPhAm to Connect the P.I.E.C.E.S. by serving every advisor, chapter, student, and community member, to make this the best year SNPhA has ever seen!

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