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Tim Archibald

Remember the Ribbon Chair

Timothy London Archibald grew up in Huntington Beach, California. Throughout his life, he had the opportunity to adapt and grow into new surroundings through travel, moving from place to place, learning different languages, and interacting with many cultures through pick-up soccer matches. These experiences shaped his love for meeting new people and engaging in different cultures. While Tim is grateful for all of the opportunities life has given him, it has not been without adversity. At a young age, he learned that growth can spring from misfortune, especially in the presence of helping hands. Therefore, Tim dedicated his life to becoming the helping hands that help lift others. By persevering through many challenges, his path finally took him to Arizona where his journey of helping others began.

Tim’s interest in pharmacy began while working as a pharmacy technician in the retail setting. It continued to grow as he moved to mail order pharmacy and residential living hospice care. By volunteering with Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment), the largest provider of donated medical supplies to developing countries, he learned how to live selflessly for others. The passion for serving those affected by HIV/AIDS grew from involvement with the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS in Arizona. His favorite aspects of volunteering were giving Positive Peer Prevention talks to at risk youth and hosting charity drives for families affected by HIV during the holidays. 

In 2015, Tim graduated Magnum Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, with an emphasis on Medical Design, at Arizona State University (ASU). It was at ASU where Tim learned the connection between the healthcare system and disproportionally served populations. His time at ASU was spent studying the societal impact of HIV/AIDS as well as the science and technology surrounding the disease state. As a Teaching Assistant for the Social Change in America course, he saw the importance of progression and how to implement this into leadership. He took the initiative to tailor his education towards sociology, social psychology, and positive psychology, knowing that this understanding would build his ability to provide healthcare to the underserved. Upon graduation, Tim was a well-rounded professional ready to advance to pharmacy school. 

Tim became a member of Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy’s Class of 2020 at East Tennessee State University in 2016. It was here at BGCOP where he saw SNPhA’s dedication to serve the underserved. SNPhA’s mission struck a chord in him, making him think back to his very humble beginnings. He joined SNPhA, knowing that it was his duty to get involved and serve the underserved. With untiring fervor, Tim served his chapter as the Remember the Ribbon (RTR) Chair. He grew immensely, both as a person and as a practitioner, while in this position. Through devotion and dedication, his efforts were acknowledged on multiple occasions. He received spotlight recognition for participating in Johnson City’s first Latino Healthcare Festival, where he broke the stigma of HIV by handing out condoms and spreading the message of prevention. He was awarded Region II winner of the RTR counseling challenge, created a memorandum of Ryan White in the form of a virtual quilt, and received the Walgreens Healthcare Outcomes Award based on his poster presentation highlighting his accomplishments over the past year. On Sunday, August 29th, 2018, Tim was appointed as SNPhA’s National Remember the Ribbon Chair. 

Tim is excited to dedicate himself to the National Remember the Ribbon Chair position. His vision is to serve the HIV/AIDS population by promoting awareness, breaking stigma, and educating the community as well as healthcare providers, and advocating for better healthcare for the underserved. His driving force while pursing these goals will be finding Strength in Purpose.  

Tim is extremely humbled to be a part of such a wonderful and diverse 2018-2019 SNPhA National Board. He is both extremely excited and incredibly confident in his ability to make a change in the way we view HIV/AIDS healthcare over the next year. Tim models his life after the French proverb “petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid” meaning little by little we achieve our goals. The strength of even the smallest progression provides purpose in life. As National Chair, Tim is dedicated to accomplishing strides for the future of SNPhA. 

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