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Danielle Eskens

Chronic Kidney Disease Chair

Danielle Eskens is a third year pharmacy student at the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy at East Tennessee State University in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Originally from Minnesota, Danielle moved to the small town of Hanover, Indiana to attend Hanover College. While there she had the opportunity to study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey, and from this transformative experience she developed a passion for serving the underserved and for learning about and experiencing other cultures. It was this passion for service that opened her to a career in pharmacy which ultimately led to her involvement with SNPhA during her first year of pharmacy school. 

Serving as president-elect and delegate of SNPhA during her first year, and then as president during her second year, Danielle experienced many impactful moments serving the East Tennessee community. In addition to her SNPhA service, she is also involved with College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) and has served as secretary and treasurer of the organization. Danielle is active in a number of other student organizations, and also with the admissions committee and is heavily involved with research within her school. Through her time both in school and through her extracurricular activities, Danielle has had the opportunity to help patients in her community find their path to better health and wellbeing. Outside of school, Danielle has worked as an intern with CVS pharmacy since her first year and she enjoys spending time with family and friends including her beloved corgi, Moxie. 

After pharmacy school, Danielle plans to continue to help patients through the application of her pharmacy knowledge by pursuing residency in a clinical setting. Danielle enjoys clinical pharmacy because it affords her the opportunity to apply clinical knowledge to develop comprehensive care plans, while also allowing her to continue to learn and grow within her chosen profession. She also enjoys working in interdisciplinary teams to coordinate care and best serve the needs of her patients. 

As Chronic Kidney Disease Chair, Danielle is excited to help educate members and others as to how chronic kidney disease affects patients and ways we can help promote kidney health through education. She is also excited to build on the work of her predecessors in raising awareness for organ donation and debunking myths associated with transplantation as a means of encouraging more people to explore becoming potential donors. Her primary goal this year is to serve as a resource for chapters so they will have the resources, along with Strength in Purpose, which will help local chapters hold  impactful events that make a positive difference within their communities. 

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