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Soumya Vishwanath

Recording Secretary

Soumya Vishwanath is a fourth-year student pharmacist at Mercer University College of Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. She is originally from Cary, NC and attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for her undergraduate studies where she majored in Biology and Global Studies. It was at UNC, where she attended a service learning trip to Washington DC in which she volunteered with various shelters and organizations in providing resources for those who experience homelessness. This trip allowed her to view various disparities that exist within our community and combined with her passion for healthcare inspired her to start serving the underserved.

Soumya joined Student National Pharmaceutical Association in 2015 and immediately got involved in volunteering for the different initiatives. During the volunteering opportunities, she noticed the low health literacy in her community and poor adherence rates among patients. This prompted her to get involved with Prescription for Service. Her team created an adherence app, Know Your Numbers, for which they received the National Walmart/Sam’s Club Prescription for Service Award in 2016. When she served as the president-elect and president of her local chapter, she expanded the chapter’s services and outreach within the Atlanta community. Apart from the early morning volunteering at the local communities, her favorite memories include the different socials and building a SNPhAm. She is also an active member of AMCP and serves on the National Student Pharmacist Committee and is a part of Phi Lambda Sigma.

In her free time, Soumya loves exploring both Atlanta and her cooking talents. She hopes to one day own a restaurant and serve people through a different platform. She enjoys traveling with some of her favorite traveling spots being Florence, Italy and Bangalore, India.  As National Recording Secretary, Soumya’s vision is to carry forth the mission of SNPhA in serving the underserved and redefining national platforms for our members. Her vision is to develop a strategy to simplify and amplify the CIC process by working with chapter leaders. 

Additionally, she plant to optimize the House of Delegates resolution process to allow morechapters to participate, more resolutions to be submitted and further expand the promotion of our profession. Soumya is honored to have been elected to serve as your National Recording Secretary and plans on involving members os we can all serve the underserved and find our Strength in Purpose.

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