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Karanita Fuller

Remember the Ribbon Chair

Dr. Karanita Fuller earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Hampton, Virginia, Karanita has developed a passion for serving others through various volunteer experiences in high school. Throughout her time in pharmacy school, she has participated in numerous health fairs, conducting health screenings and promoting awareness of various disease states. While a third year student, Karanita had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador with a medical team, where she provided healthcare to people in various communities throughout San Salvador. During the days at clinic, helping patients and witnessing their gratefulness, truly allowed her to understand why she was in pharmacy school. Things can become mundane during the stressful weeks of school; however, knowing that the knowledge she is acquiring in pharmacy school will allow her to provide medical care to underserved communities, strongly encourages her to continue dedicating time to volunteer.

In addition to her passion for volunteering and helping others, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Babysitting her nieces and nephew is one of her favorite activities along with reading, watching movies, and traveling. She grew up within a mile away from a beach and hopes to one day own a beachfront vacation home.

She believes that, whether it’s on rotations or at her church, educating others about critical disease states that are preventable with lifestyle modifications, can improve the health of her community. Serving as the Remember the Ribbon Chair, she will be able to organize and facilitate events that will provide education on HIV/AIDS and increase promotion of disease prevention.

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