Administrative Officers
    • Gevorg Martirosyan bio


    • Darryl Lewis bio


    • Robbie Christian bio

      Vice President

    • Anna Poston bio

      Recording Secretary

    • James Agtuca bio

      Corresponding Secretary

    • Kalyann Kauv bio

      Public Relations Liaison

    • Jessie Nia Hwang

      Executive Chairwoman

    • Joshua Blackwell, PharmD bio

      Executive Consultant

    • Pejman Ahmadi, PharmD bio

      Executive Consultant

    • Felix Tran, PharmD, MBA bio

      Executive Consultant

    • Bryan J. Donald, PharmD bio

      Executive Consultant

    • George Okpamen, PharmD bio

      Assistant Executive Director

    • Kimberly Lewis, PharmD bio

      Executive Director

    • Chris Donald, RN bio

      Executive Assistant

Region Facilitators
    • Helen Mitchell bio

      Region I

    • Daniel Pearson bio

      Region II

    • Steffany Nguyen bio

      Region III

    • Kwan Yuet bio

      Region IV

    • Yasmyn Knight bio

      Region V

Project Chairs
    • Ojong Bate bio

      Operation Immunization Chair

    • Brian Nwokorie bio

      Bridging the Gap Chair

    • Billie Don Evans III bio

      Legislative/Membership Benefits Chair

    • Grace Go bio

      Chronic Kidney Disease Chair

    • Wanda M. Azu Owoh bio

      Diabetes Chair

    • Anh Dao Le bio

      Power to End Stroke Chair

    • Shutian Kathy Ju bio

      Remember the Ribbon Chair

Past Officers

Our History

The Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) was founded in 1972 on the campus of Florida A & M University, when Sharon Roquemore (now Sharon Lovick Edwards) and John J. Scrivens organized that first meeting. In addition to the students from Florida A & M University, students from Howard University, Texas Southern University, Xavier University and other schools were in attendance. The meeting participants numbered about one hundred. Our many years of success are in part due to the outstanding leadership the association has had over the years. Mr. Clinton C. Cunningham was the first Executive Secretary; serving from 1972-1974. Mr. Ralph Arline (deceased) succeeded him from 1974-1979. It was in 1979 that SNPhA gained its first female leader, named Heidi Anderson (Currently Dr. Heidi Anderson-Harper). For ten years, she provided impeccable leadership bringing SNPhA into a new era. Dr. Marisa Lewis took the helm in 1989 and continued for the next 16 years in the capacity, the longest tenure of any Executive Director. Dr. Carmita Coleman served as the executive director from 2008 until 2016. The current SNPhA administration includes Dr. Kimberly Lewis as the executive director and Chris Donald, RN as the executive assistant. Over the years, SNPhA has been blessed with several assistant executive directors, who included Dr. Terri Smith-Moore, Dr. Monica Lahoz, Dr. Patricia Lieveld, Dr. Julie Smith. Dr. George Okpamen is the current assistant executive director.