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2015-2016 Prescription for Service Competition


Prescription for Service Competition
Promoting Quality, Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for Everyone


Purpose: What would YOUR chapter do with a $2,500 grant?

Prescription for Service, sponsored by Walmart Stores, Inc. and Sam’s Club was established in 2012, as a national scholarship competition to grant SNPhA student teams the funds needed to make an impact in underserved communities. This experience will teach students the value of community outreach, enhance teamwork and leadership skills, as well as promote the profession of pharmacy. Five Regional SNPhA team winners will be selected for grants, as well as one National Winning Team. The team that has the greatest impact in their community will be awarded an additional scholarship to aid in their education as future pharmacists.


2014-2015 Winning Team: Texas A&M University
Click here to see the 2014-2015 Winning Chapter’s original proposal video.


Application Procedure Requirements

  1. Students must be active members of SNPhA and be enrolled as a P1, P2 or P3 student in a U.S. accredited School of Pharmacy. Students currently matriculating in their final year of pharmacy school are not eligible to receive the scholarship at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

  2. Students will form teams ranging from two to five members. There is no limit as to how many teams may apply per SNPhA chapter, but no member can apply on more than one team.

  3. Walmart and Sam’s Club have the mission to help our patients save money, so they can live better, healthier lives.  Each team should submit one application and upload a 3-5 minute video.  The video can be shot using any device (phone or official camera) and uploaded to YouTube with the video link submitted via the Google Form provided. It will describe how $2,500 will be used to implement a sustainable community outreach project that will benefit an underserved community even after the competition, while promoting the profession of pharmacy. We encourage all students to be creative!  All applications and submissions must be received by January 15, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST.

  4. One winning team per SNPhA Region will be selected by Walmart/Sam’s Club. Those winning teams will be announced by January 29, 2016. Each of the five winning teams will be awarded a $2,500 grant, and use the grant to implement their service program, with the support of their local chapter, by May 20, 2016.

  5. Each of the five winning teams will create a poster to be displayed at the 2016 SNPhA/NPhA National Convention and present their project to a panel of Walmart/Sam’s Club and NPhA judges. Presentations can be in any format and will be limited to 20 minutes with an additional 10 minute Q&A session. One team will be selected as the National Winner and receive a $10,000 team scholarship to be divided equally among the primary team members.

  6. At least one member of each winning team must attend the 2016 SNPhA/NPhA National Convention and present their project to a panel of Walmart/Sam’s Club and NPhA judges.

  7. 2015-2016 Project Prompt: “Propose a project idea that encompasses at least TWO of the components of SNPhA’s G.O.A.L.S.: Globalization, Outreach, Advocacy, Leadership, and Scholarship.”



Regional Team Awards – Five (5) $2,500 chapter grants to be used to implement their sustainable community outreach project

National Scholarship – One (1) $10,000 team scholarship to be awarded at the SNPhA/NPhA National Convention


Competition Entry

The completed application and 3-5 minute video must be submitted to this Google Form by January 15th, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST to be eligible. Remember to be creative! How would you promote the profession of pharmacy while serving an underserved community, if granted $2,500? If selected as a regional winner, the team members will attend and present their project at the 2016 SNPhA/NPhA National Convention. Should they need to cancel their presentation, they are required to contact the National Office immediately.

Reminder: The service program must be implemented by May 20, 2016.  P4s are ineligible to receive the scholarship at the 2016 National Convention, but may participate in the competition. No member can apply for more than one team.

Questions? Please email Marc Tran ( and Ben Iredell (



  • Videos are not graded based on video quality, special effects, or editing. The judges will be focusing on the project idea itself, enthusiasm of the team, and care for the community.
  • The aim is to create sustainable projects. Think of an idea that, with this seed money, can continue year after year in your community.
  • You must incorporate at least two of the G.O.A.L.S. components, but you are not limited to two. You may incorporate all 5 if you wish!
  • Multiple submissions per chapter is highly encouraged! However, a single person may not be on multiple teams.
  • Be creative, but more importantly, have fun!