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Presidential Updates| Gevorg Martirosyan, 2016-2017 National President


Greetings, SNPhA!

We recently met in Georgia to conclude another successful SNPhA year and to plant the seed for new adventures and triumphant accomplishments. Today, that seed will only take its root if we stand together and face the barriers of our times.

With our decorated SNPhA leaders, partners and sponsors in mind, I am more optimistic about the future of SNPhA than ever before. We have a new generation of transitioning leaders and passionate delegates who are eager to promote, protect and advance our organization to a level of potential that will only benefit the less fortunate of our world. Your National Officers are already communicating with our partners to make sure you begin the year with fresh and exciting ideas for your initiatives. The Executive Committee is also working diligently to provide a seamless membership registration process. We have many exciting projects planned for you and I am confident that your experience in SNPhA will be a memorable one this year.

If you are in SNPhA, you already know that we are one of the few student-run organizations remaining in existence. Our renewed communication with NPhA is only intended to strengthen the relationship with a parent organization and to begin working hand-in-hand with such established professionals in the field. Together we can better promote the profession and better advocate for the underserved, for it is in our mutual interest to maximize our strength as the most diverse pharmacy organizations in the field.

Now, although we are one of the most diverse, I hear that some of you have yet to be exposed to the southern charm of Alabama or the warm weathers of California. Well, rest assured, because our upcoming regional hosts at Samford University and California Northstate University are making great advances in planning memorable and hospitable regional meetings for the coming spring. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

SNPhA chapters do an incredible job at highlighting our mission. I have already seen some beautiful videos of our chapters promoting their new boards, events, membership drives and of course, health fairs. SNPhAM, in this world of information overload and distraction, I am excited to see your novel strategies in raising awareness of your work through all the social media outlets available at our disposal. Let’s show Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter what we are all about.

Lastly, I am humbled and honoured to serve as your 2016-2017 SNPhA National President and to work with such amazingly like-minded, yet diverse, young professionals who fill me with pride. As I have said before, I shall say again: race, culture, geographical location, or any representation should not be a barrier to one’s health and equal access to opportunities. Carry this mindset with you while you serve the underserved, and remember that this year, “We Stand Together. One Mission. No Barriers!”

Gevorg Martirosyan
SNPhA National President