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Signatura Submission Deadlines:
- Sunday, Sep 29th, 2013
- Friday, Nov 29th, 2013
- Friday, Jan 31st, 2014
- Sunday, Mar 30th, 2014
- Friday, May 30th, 2014


Student affiliate of the
National Pharmaceutical Association

The National Pharmaceutical Association is dedicated to representing the views and ideas of minority pharmacists on critical issues affecting health care and pharmacy; as well as advancing the standards of pharmaceutical care among all practitioners.

Visit NPhA’s Website



SNPhA is dedicated to serving our communities needs. Community projects are uniquely designed projects that may go beyond our current initiative goals and may be completed throughout the year. They could include collaborative health fairs, “Brown Bag” service and education, raising money for charity or a number of other ideas that can serve the underserved in our communities. Chapters will be awarded points based on project participation.

Chapter Achievement Partners (CAPS)

The CAPs program is designed to allow SNPhA chapters to collaborate on projects, share information, and increase communication by providing a medium to establish and strengthen networks.  It is in the best interest of each chapter to communicate and assist each other in achieving their particular goals and objectives for the year. Each chapter should take advantage of this program to strengthen, share, and network with their colleagues.

CAPS Program 2013-2014
CAPS Participation Reporting Form

Project Chair: Kimberly Lewis

HIV/AIDS Initiative - “Remember the Ribbon”

A nationwide project to improve health, education and social environment of minority communities with respect to HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention. Chapters will be awarded points based on outreach events promoting awareness.

HIV/AIDS Informational Websites

Manuals:   Remember the Ribbon HIV/AIDS Planning Guide 

         - This planning guide is an important read and includes links to online resources and also the initiative reporting form and RTR event requirements.

Project Chair: Sam Zakkour
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Clinical Skills Competition

An educational opportunity to display your pharmaceutical knowledge, patient assessment skills, and application of these skills in a mock patient scenario by analyzing and identifyng pharmacy related issues while applying an appropriate pharmaceutical care plan. The objective of the competition is for each student to learn the significant contributions the pharmacist can have on patient care in the healthcare arena. The Clinical Skills Competition now occurs at both regional meetings and the SNPhA National Convention held every July.

Patient Counseling Module
2011 Regional Clinical Skills Competition Information
2011 Clinical Skills Competition Practice Case 1 (to be posted soon)
2011 Clinical Skills Competition Practice Case 2

Coordination: Kimberly Lewis

Power to End Stroke

SNPhA has partnered with the American Stroke Association (ASA) on the Power to End Stroke/Smoking Cessation initiative. Chapters will be awarded points based on outreach events promoting awareness.

Power To End Stroke National Website

World Stroke Day

PTES Powerpoint Presentation
PTES Supplemental Guide

Blood pressure monitor request form

Beat The Pack Guidance 

JNC 8 Summary Flyer Page 1 courtesy of University of Washington

JNC 8 Summary Flyer Page 2 courtesy of University of Washington




"Clearing the Smoke: Realities & Myths about the Tobacco Epidemic" Webinar 

Project Chair: Nasheet Quraishi
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Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative – “KEEP SAKE”

SNPhA and Abbott Renal Care are collaborating on a new initiative to increase awareness on the risk factors and disease states that can lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD). Chapters are awarded points based on patient screenings, distribution of health information, and awareness during National Kidney Disease Awareness Month every March. The World Kidney Day website is and an informational video can be found on their website.

American Association of Kidney Patient Brochure Order Form (FREE!)

Download Informational Brochure 2014
CKD Resource Guide
National Kidney Foundation Walk Schedule 2014

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) KEEP Healthy 2013 Presentation

PKD Guide for Walks 2014

PKD Walk Schedule 2014

What is PKD Presentation


"Maintaining a Transplant and Advocating for a Chance" 

Project Chair: Adrienne Kercsak
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Legislation/Voting/Immigration Initiative

This is a dual initiative focusing voting registration among underrepresented minorities and on immigration issues affecting the nation. Chapters will be awarded points for any events such as voting registration drives and citizenship drives or information distribution events.

Get Informed and Get Involved!
Track bills, votes, and legislators in the US Congress
State Specific Election Voting

Ready Set ACTion Official Competition Handout   


1) Three Silent Killers Webinar

Project Chair: Ishita Gandhi
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Operation Immunization

This program is an immunization awareness campaign designed to increase the public’s knowledge about immunizations, while increasing the number of adults who receive immunizations. Chapters will be awarded points based on outreach events promoting awareness.

Shot at Life Material:

Concept Note SNPhA Shot at Life 2013

Operation Immunization Manual

2013 Blogust SNPhA Toolkit 

Operation Immunization Packet:  

Notification of Vaccination Letter

Vaccination Administration Record for Adults   

Vaccination Administration Record for Children and Teens 

Influenza Q&A  

Catch-up Immunization Schedule for persons aged 4 months through 18 years old 

Recommended immunization schedule for persons aged 0 through 18 years (2013)

Recommended immunization schedule for persons aged 7 through 18 years (2013)

Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule (2013)

Screening Checklist for Contraindications to Vaccines for Children and Teens 

Below is a link to the CDC's 2013 Immunization Schedule for adults, pre-teens and teens, children, and influenza.After you click each link there is downloadable chart in PDF format, this is a great teaching tool when educatingpatients on what immunizations they are supposed to have.

Project Chair: Samantha Adams                 
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Diabetes Initiative

The prevalence of diabetes is increasing among adults and children in the United States. As of 2011, 25.8 million people (8.3% of the population) in the U.S. have diabetes, and an estimated 79 million people have prediabetes. Because diabetes remains largely undiagnosed (7.0 million people) and prevalent among our underrepresented populations, SNPhA actively educates patients on lifestyle changes, medication therapy, self care, and appropriate monitoring. Chapters are awarded CIC points based on health screenings, community outreach, and patient education. Resources and event calendars are available at and

Link for the Step Out Calendar

Project chair: Jennifer Tieu
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