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Outgoing Presidential Address | Dr. Joshua Blackwell, 2014-2015 National President


Greetings SNPhA Family!

Congratulations on all of your achievements, success, and for attending the 2015 NPhA/SNPhA Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. It was an awesome time celebrating with all of you and learning more about the incredible things that have happened over the course of this year. I would also like to congratulate your newly elected and appointed 2015-2016 SNPhA National Executive Board. Under the direction of our new National President, Ms. Jessie Hwang, I am confident that SNPhA will achieve all G.O.A.L.S. (Globalization, Outreach, Advocacy, Leadership, and Scholarship) this year and will bring about greater successes for all of our members.

As I reflect on my year in office, I must express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve as your National President this year. Through transitions in leadership, impacting our communities and patients, and continuing to stabilize our foundation to solidify our future, our organization continues to defeat the odds and grows stronger each year. Thank you to all of our corporate sponsors that support us and provide the necessary tools to serve the underserved. It is through your generous sponsorship that our organization is able impact thousands upon thousands of communities and patients each year. Thank you to our parent organization, the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPhA), and the National Pharmaceutical Association Foundation (NPhAF) for paving the way for us to have a successful and impactful career within the profession. As we follow the several outstanding leaders within your organization, I am certain our members will strive towards greatness and have a powerful voice within the profession. Thank you to the 2014-2015 SNPhA National Executive Board for all of your hard work, dedication, and support this year. We truly have overcome a great deal of obstacles while still achieving all of our goals. I cannot thank you enough for being strong pillars for this organization and for your constant drive for success. Thank you to our PHENOMENAL National Executive Director, Dr. Carmita Coleman, for pouring everything she has into this organization. We truly are her children, and I appreciate your entire family for sacrificing their time with you for the betterment of SNPhA. Thank you to our National Executive Assistant, Mrs. Elaine Anderson, and her daughter, Ms. Mary Varnado, for always being our strong support system to be able to impact the underserved. Your work does not go unnoticed and I am forever grateful for your time, dedication, and support throughout these past few years.

When I reflect on this year, SNPhA continues to excel and become a stronger voice for the profession of pharmacy. We have overcome what has been perceived as the impossible through impacting over 100,000 patients, advocating for our profession in Washington D.C., and serving the underserved in other countries. SNPhA continues to give selflessly to fight against health disparities such as HIV/AIDs, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease through health fairs, walks, and educational campaigns that impact our communities. Our over ninety chapters continue to collaborate together to enhance leadership skills, create innovative ideas to impact patients, and for simply the love of SNPhA. For all of these things and more, I must thank all of our members and advisors for everything that you do for your university, for your community, and for the entire organization as a whole. I am blessed, humbled, and honored to have grown with you, learn from you, and have been inspired through all of your outstanding service in your communities. Thank you for your support, leadership, and passion that has always reminded me why I love this organization and, most importantly, why we have the greatest student pharmacists in the world. As always, continue to strive towards excellence with unprecedented passion and dedication for both our profession and SNPhA!

Dr. Joshua Blackwell
2014-2015 National President