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Presidential Address | Jessie Nia Hwang, 2015-2016 National President

Signatura, October 2015

Jessie Nia Hwang, 2015-2016 National President

Jessie Nia Hwang, 2015-2016 National President




Greetings SNPhA Family!

This address to you is long overdue. It is unbelievable to think that it has been two months since the National Conference in Orlando, Florida. These past two months have come and gone, with the fall academic semester staring right at us.  I would like to reassure you that the remarkable momentum felt at the National Conference continues as your newly elected and appointed officers have been busy promoting this year’s theme: G.O.A.L.S. (Globalization. Outreach. Advocacy. Leadership. Scholarship.)!

This year, we have plans to take SNPhA global. I believe that underserved communities and pharmacy students do not only exist within our countries’ borders, but also around the world. My vision is that SNPhA will create life-long, cross-cultural relationships that are deeply rooted in our mission to promote the profession of pharmacy and to serve the underserved. Our outreach efforts will continue to evolve and the impact we make on our patients’ lives will continue to grow significantly. As the field of pharmacy progresses, it is my goal to ensure that SNPhA produces the advocates that will support not only our profession, but also the advancement of our patients’ healthcare.  Leadership is simply a thread that connects all SNPhA members. Our student members have leadership characteristics that truly represent a rare breed.  Finally, we plan to promote scholarship in all facets of our profession. We will always be students of our profession and it is our obligation to ensure that we continue to pay our abilities forward. I believe with your tremendous support and belief, our organization will reach its greatest potential in its 43 year history.

Since departing Orlando, I have had the distinct privilege of working with the newest members of the National SNPhA Executive Board. Within the first 30 days of serving in our new officer positions, SNPhA rolled out its most advanced CIC event recording system in our rich history, CIC 2.0. This milestone will now allow SNPhA to quickly record SNPhA’s history and acknowledge the impact that our students are making across the nation. Additionally, our National Initiative Chairs have been working diligently to strengthen partnerships across the nation, to make an even stronger impact in our communities. Please stay tuned as our website will be updated with various events and competitions to showcase the wonderful work that our members are doing.

It is currently our plan to visit each one of our chapters this year and grow in numbers.  Through the use of virtual visits, we will be able to touch all 90+ chapters and provide support to all of our members across the nation.  As the national executive board plans to connect with our members, we want to help foster collaboration amongst chapters through our Chapter Achievement Partners (CAPS) Program.  Any chapter will have an opportunity to partner with another chapter to impact patients around shared communities, strengthen leadership within chapters, support one another, and of course have fun collaborating together to serve the underserved.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for our membership to achieve all G.O.A.L.S. by connecting with one another and sharing ideas on how to support the communities we all serve. With that being said, we look forward to sharing the quality work that our members will be doing this year. Please be reminded that the member registration deadline is October 31st, 2015 this year.  You must be a registered member in order to qualify for scholarships and membership benefits. Please do not miss out on these wonderful opportunities to grow as a professional.

As we serve throughout the year, let us never lose sight of our G.O.A.L.S. to make an impact in our communities. Let us continue to raise the bar for tomorrow and beyond.


Jessie Nia Hwang
National President, 2015-2016