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Presidential Forum I


Greetings SNPhA,

Welcome, welcome, welcome SNPhAm!

My name is Dainielle Fox and I am your 2014-2015 SNPhA National President. First, I would like to begin by welcoming everyone to your brand new SNPhA Website! We have taken in all of the feedback received over the years and worked diligently to enhance our website to meet the needs of the membership. Please take some time to peruse through the pages and don’t hesitate to provide us with feedback.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 41st Annual SNPhA/NPhA Convention in Arlington, Virginia! Throughout the weekend of July 18-21, over 600 student pharmacists, pharmacists, and corporate sponsors networked, established new relationships, and worked to advance the profession of pharmacy through various avenues. I want to thank all the students, pharmacists, faculty, advisors, deans, and sponsors who took the time out to attend the Conference. I can’t wait to see all of the various ideas and plans discussed to be implemented throughout this year.

As you may know, I have charged you all with my vision and presidential theme for the 2014-2015 year, to “Stabilize our Foundation to Solidify our Future.” As SNPhA members and student pharmacists, it is essential that we all possess the tools necessary to provide immaculate patient care to underserved communities. We have to be the accessible resource to our communities to improve the health and wellness of populations worldwide. Over this next year, it will be our organizational focus to ensure that our chapters and members have the proper resources, training, and continued development to be the quintessential practitioners of tomorrow. We will be continuing to enhance our current interprofessional relationships and working to solidify new partnerships with other healthcare organizations. Furthermore, we will be partnering with our parent organization, the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPhA) to facilitate the transition from student pharmacist to new practitioner. Overall, this year, we will be ensuring our members master the basics of patient care, grow professionally, and exude the characteristics of leaders in the profession of pharmacy. We will be at the forefront of patient care, solidifying our future as health care providers.

I encourage all of you to take action, to get involved, now! From scholarships, to competitions, there are a multitude of opportunities to showcase your skills and enrich your pharmacy experience. Do not hesitate to reach out to our newly elected and appointed officers to get involved in their subcommittees. There is much work to be done and each of you plays an integral role in the structure and success of SNPhA. Let’s work to “stabilize our foundation, to solidify our future” and allow SNPhA to reach unsurmountable heights, together.

“Action is the foundational key to all success”

- Pablo Picasso

Kindest Regards,Dainielle FoxNational President